I am writing this blog post on my phone because Otis is contentedly draped over my shoulder sucking on his hand. Yes, I said hand, not thumb. He usually likes the whole fist but if he’s gonna choose just one finger to suck on he prefers his index finger. Tight- he’s already unique!

As everyone knows, there are good days and less good days. I am finding the same to be true with parenting. There are days when Otis screams and I can’t seem to console him. Inevitably those are the same days that the dog is pouncing and barking. Those are the days when I text Brad and tell him to pick up a bottle of wine on his way home from work 🙂

Luckily there are good days that outnumber those piss poor ones. Today was a great day.

Otis has been drinking a bottle (of my breast milk) once a day since he was a month old. This has been important to me because in January he will be in daycare four days a week when I go back to work. I also like the freedom to go to a yoga class or wherever and know that dad or grandma or gramps can feed him.


Well, a week ago he decided he no longer liked the bottle. Goodbye mom’s independence.  Grrrr!  After 4 days of no luck I managed to get him to drink a bottle the last two days by shaking his rattle the entire time he drank it. Don’t ask me how I thought to try that or why it worked. All I know is that my wrists were exhausted from holding a bottle and shaking a rattle, but it worked. I would try to stop shaking the rattle and he would spit the bottle out and scream. Start the rattle up again and he’d start sucking.  I was thinking “whose great idea was this?” Well, today I will proudly take credit for that idea as it seems to have made Otis a bottle taker once more. Tonight he drank his whole bottle and I didn’t have to shake a rattle, tap dance, or sing Disney songs to get him to do it. Score!

On top of that, he got to make his first art project at his friend Caroline’s house while mom hung out with her delightful mom friends.


And now he’s fallen asleep on me- heaven!  Today was a good day!

3 thoughts on “Score!”

  1. I don’t think babes like their mom’s offering them bottles when they know and “smell” the real thing right there… I’m sure he won’t hesitate
    to continue to take a bottle from others! Hang in there!


  2. So, he has a percussionist’s heart? Figures! First art creation and first choice of instruments all in one day — very impressive. Next thing, he’ll likely start dancing. What a guy! xoxo


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