I now understand that capturing a quintessential Baby’s First Halloween photo is next to impossible.  Ten week old babies do not pose for the camera.  They do not enjoy wearing weird props.  And, if I am being really honest, there is always a very real chance that they are going to poop through their adorable outfit before you catch that magic moment on your iphone.  So, do I have an amazing Halloween shot of Otis?  No I do not.

Halloween preparations began while I was still pregnant.  Many of you know that Brad, much to my chagrin, aspires to have a pet goat one day.  Well, in an attempt to stall the inevitable I bought Otis this goat costume before he was even born.  Note that this is the stock photo, not Otis.


Perfect, right?  It looks warm and comfortable and would make Brad oh so happy.  Well, it came in a newborn size and a 6-12 month size so I bought it in the newborn size and the thing is gigantic.  I swear you could put a 2 year old in it, so I had to scrap that costume idea.

Luckily a neighbor of mine sent us the skeleton onesie you see in the featured picture, so Otis wore that Halloween morning.  By 2pm he had saturated it in poop so it was time to move on to costume #2.

Brad’s band was going to play music at a band member’s house Halloween night so I had decided that Otis could go to that as a fan/groupie.  I had bought him headphones so that he wouldn’t go deaf while the band played.  He had a onesie that a friend had made him that said “I’m with the band.”  And I also had a few props- a mustache pacifier and an elephant with the band’s sticker tacked onto it (the band’s name is Elephant).

Well, he hated the headphones.  He screamed every time I put them on.  Here is one shot days before Halloween where he somehow doesn’t look irate.


Also, not a fan of the pacifier, but again I managed one pre-Halloween shot.


And he isn’t able to hold things yet so the Elephant was going to be hard to incorporate.


So here is the best picture I got of his “costume.”  I barely even managed that photo because about 30 seconds later, 10 minutes after we had arrived at the party, he spit up all over the onesie and proceeded to wear pajamas for the rest of the night.


No matter- he was the life of the party anyway!

3 thoughts on “Halloween”

  1. That’s how it goes! I put my camera away for a long time because I just couldn’t herd Brad and his brothers and hold their attention long enough for a good shot! But all good ones here!



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