Dear Otis- 2 Months

Dear Otis,

Today you are 2 months old and we are having so much fun with you.  You no longer seem like just a baby.  You are now a tiny man complete with an adorable little personality.  Your face has begun to give us a window into your thoughts.  You have a sleepy face, a grumpy face, a gassy face, and a lot of happy smiley faces.  You even stick your tongue out sometimes, and I am pretty sure that you flashed 9 month old Lily a flirty smile the other day.  We find you quite hilarious!  Here are a few of my favorite smiles captured on camera.


This month you have started learning how to play.  You respond to everything around you.  You love to lay on your play mat and look at the owl and birdie above your head.  You love to look at your dad and me when we are goofing off and trying to make you smile.  But most of all you love lying on your changing table.  We can’t quite figure out what it is you love about it, but that is definitely your happy place and the spot where we have captured the most smiles.  It doesn’t matter if we change you or not.  Naked or fully clothed, you are just ecstatic to lie there and smile around the room.  You recently added little coos and squeaks to your smiles which ups the cute factor for sure.  And you can lift your head, neck, and back up when you play on your tummy.  You are quite the strapping young man and it is fun to see you add skills to your repertoire.  Here are some photos of you playing.


Some things that you should know about yourself.

1. You are a particularly explosive child.  You don’t merely poop, you blast.  I thought this was what all babies did until a couple of other moms were like “wow” when you let off one of your audible rockets.

2. You like to chew on your hand.  Yup, I did not say suck on your hand.  I said chew.  Some might find it odd.  You find it delicious.

3.  You often need to “lose your arm privileges,” as your dad says.  When you are overly tired and your arms go wild, we swaddle you and you seem to thank us for this.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what we learn from you in month 3!

Love, Mom and Dad



3 thoughts on “Dear Otis- 2 Months”

  1. We Can’t begin to tell you how much we love your posts. He is so cute, I do hope we get to see him while I can still hold him. Jen & Mike and Stephan & Vanessa are expecting within 8 days of each other. Love to you all Gramps and Baba, or Grandma Betty, I’ll answer to anything.


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