Family Part II (The Moores)

A week after Otis was born, Grammie and Grampie (Brad’s parents- Bonnie and Garry) flew in from the east coast to stay with us for a week and get to know their new grandson.  The picture above was taken right after they arrived and that glowing smile on Bonnie’s face was pretty much a permanent fixture for the next 7 days.  They had thought of everything.  They had gotten their Tdap shots so as not to expose Otis to whooping cough and they had packed their suitcase by choosing shirts that wouldn’t aggravate Otis’ skin (no baubles or scratchy fabrics).

Bonnie and Garry continued to spoil us.  Bonnie cooked us her famous chix and chokes (chicken and artichokes) and some delicious spaghetti with chicken sausage.  Garry vacuumed and swiffered the hardwood floors.  Apparently he and my dad share their affinity for floors free of dog hair 🙂 Best of all, they joined in when Brad went out to work in the yard.  I looked out the window and all three of them were pulling weeds, trimming vines, and doing all sorts of crazy manual labor to make our yard look much better.  They filled the yard waste bin and then some.


They also became champion baby holders and soothers giving Brad and my arms a much needed rest.  Here are some of my favorite shots of them with their grandson.


See, I wasn’t lying about that smile staying on Bonnie’s face.  Look at her knitting across the room while beaming at Grampie and Otis.

Brad’s brother, Greg, and his girlfriend, Megan, joined us for the weekend.  My Aunt Jan also dropped by for a visit.  As some of you may know, we lovingly refer to Greg as “toadface.”  This dates back to a hilarious face that he used to make as a child.  Well, while Aunt Jan was visiting Brad said to Otis “this is your Uncle Toadface.”  Aunt Jan heard him wrong and said “Uncle Toothpaste?”  And thus a wonderful new name was born.  Here is Otis with his Uncle Toothpaste and the lovely Megan.


Brad’s Uncle Gerry even dropped by for a bit.  Greg and Megan were super helpful.  Megan, of course, brought delicious baked goods like she always does.  By this point Brad and I were craving a bit of time for Otis, he, and I to be together as a trio.  We felt like we needed to start acclimating to what it would be like when all the family left.  So the four of them happily obliged us and went out to meals on their own, leaving us home.  Greg would always text us midway through the meal and find out what they could bring back for us.  Delicious mexican food, lattes, you name it and Greg delivered it.

By the time both families cleared out 2 weeks after Otis was born, we were set in every way.  The fridge was stocked, the house cleaned, the yard trimmed, and Otis had been showered with more love than you could think possible.  We continue to send both sets of grandparents daily pictures and there will be lots of skype and facetime in our future.  We feel very lucky to have such great families!

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