Accomplishments of the Week

It’s the little things that count . . . .

– Otis and I visited Marin Ballet (my work)

– The three of us ate dinner at an actual restaurant

– I vacuumed and dusted one room

– I cleaned one toilet

– I started to exercise.  Thanks to Brad, Jen Hill, and my dad I got to do a bit of yoga, a bit of ballet, and go on my first jog in over 7 months.  So grateful to the baby holders.  I feel so much more sane with a little exercise!

– I binge watched my new favorite show, “The Fosters.”  Thanks Whit for recommending this Netflix find.

– Otis and I began our daily tradition of DANCE PARTY.  This week’s Pandora station of choice was the Beach Boys.  For some reason Otis seems to love my goofy dance moves and off key singing and the two of us spend up to an hour each day boogieing.

– I shaved my legs.  Trust me- this was a big accomplishment 🙂

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