Family (Part I- The Erharts)

Brad and I were so lucky to have family in our house for the first two weeks of Otis’ life.  We had so many helpers that we could forget about cooking, cleaning, etc. and just focus on getting to know Otis and all of his needs.

My parents live only an hour and a half away so they were able to come to the hospital while I was in labor.  They were in the Santa Rosa Kaiser waiting room from 9am-10pm waiting to greet our little dude.  After Otis was born they got to come in and snap a few photos before heading home for the night.  The next day they visited us in our postpartum room bringing bagels and coffee for breakfast and chipotle for lunch (the hospital food was not overly delicious).  That’s when they both got to hold Otis for the first time.  Then they respectfully headed back to our house to care for Lani, the beagle, and Stefan, the duck, while Brad, Otis, and I spent another night in the hospital bonding as a trio.

When we came home the next day we were greeted with these balloons and vases of flowers.  


While I nursed Otis for the first time in his very own room, my mom baked chocolate chip cookies.  For those of you that know me, chocolate chip cookies are the way to my heart and smelling them in the oven was like heaven.  She also prepared a delicious chicken and asparagus dinner for us.  Meanwhile, my dad was busy trying to fix our dishwasher, sweeping our yard, and putting our garbage out.  Not to mention, I’m pretty sure he swiffered our hardwood floor twice a day.

My sister, Jen, flew up for the weekend to join the Erhart fun.  Somehow we convinced her to make refried beans from scratch (pictured below) for taco night.  Amazing!!!


In addition to waiting on us hand and foot, all three Erharts proved to be invaluable as baby holders.  Brad, Otis, and I would struggle through the night only to be relieved to hear footsteps upstairs around 6:30am- the morning shift had arrived, my Dad and sister.  This meant Brad and I could sneak off for a nap or a shower while Otis happily cuddled with Grandpa and Aunt Jen.


When Brad and I wanted to eat a meal, we could transfer Otis over to my mom’s arms so that we had both hands free to eat with (a luxury we currently miss a lot).  Otis was very content in Grandma’s arms.



All in all, it was immensely helpful to have my family around us in that first week of Otis’ life.  When they set off towards their homes Brad and I enjoyed a day and a half on our own with Otis.  It was a perfect amount of time to practice what real life would be like before Brad’s family flew in to help us for another week.  More on the amazing Moore family in the next post (whenever Otis deems me worthy of having two hands free to type).

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