Homemade Gifts Galore!

Otis has a lot of crafty friends.  In addition to receiving tons of amazing store-bought gifts to help ease this transition into parenthood, we also received some very special homemade items.




My mom and sister threw me a baby shower where the guests all got to decorate onesies.  Brad’s mom had all sorts of cool stencils and fabric markers to help those of us with minimal artistic skills.  Marin Ballet also threw me a baby shower and they asked my students to make me onesies and bibs.  They were absolutely adorable.




Brad’s grandmother Anne knitted Otis a blanket (pictured) as did my grandmother, Betty, and my mom’s friend’s mother.  My co-worker, Laurie, made this gorgeous sailboat quilt, and a student of mine crocheted this colorful blanket.




These bibs were made by Brad’s Nana many years ago.  Nana is no longer with us, but it is quite special that her handiwork gets to live on.




Brad’s mom has knitted Otis a whole wardrobe of sweaters with matching hats and booties.  You’ll find one piece of her catalogue above on the left.  The sweater on the right was knit by my high school best friend, Whitney.  Otis is going to be quite stylish!




One of my students spent 4 months crocheting this adorable monkey.  She started it before anyone knew I was pregnant and planned to make it for herself.  Once she learned I was pregnant she decided she wanted to make it for my baby.  It proudly sits atop Otis’ bookshelf.




2 of my students gave us a box of 72 newborn diapers.  We opened them to find that they had written something on each and every diaper.  Some of my favorites were “Daddy’s turn,” “Look I can count . . #1, #2, and “Only 4,000 more to go.” Be sure to click on this photo and read their poetry. Their wit definitely made the first 72 diaper changes way more fun than they should have been.


I’m sure I am forgetting some other homemade items (the brain is a bit foggy due to lack of sleep).  Thanks to all of you who have spent precious time concocting something for Otis!

One thought on “Homemade Gifts Galore!”

  1. Oh my goodness, those diapers are brilliant!! What a sweet and clever idea! Of course, all the other gifts are beautiful and amazing, as well. I love them all. I was going to say, “Especially the monkey!” but I looked through all the photos again and ultimately decided I couldn’t pick a favorite. They’re all so good.


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