A Week of Discovery

Today Otis is 1 week old.  Time has flown by and at the same time it is crazy to think that he has only been in this world for 7 days.  He has learned so much in that time.  It has definitely been a week of firsts for Mom, Dad, and Otis.

Otis has . . . .

-learned how to breathe

-made an art form of waking up- first lift the eyelids, then pry one eye open (the stink eye), and finally coax the other eye to open

IMG_0190 IMG_0193

-mastered nursing (he is quite the champion eater, often nursing every hour)

-gone on his first walk


-aced his first pediatrician check-up

-been to his first public place (coffee shop around the corner)


-started taking the world in

-captured our hearts


Brad and I have . . . .

-instantly become parents and are amazed at how natural it feels

-learned that a 2 hour stretch of sleep is a gift

-discovered that most household tasks can be done one-handed while holding the baby in the other

-gotten a ridiculous case of the giggles everytime we hear Otis fart or poop.

-mastered the stupid carseat and all of its confounded pieces

-appreciated family like never before and fallen in love with our newest family member




2 thoughts on “A Week of Discovery”

  1. Got tears reading this! And laughed at the fart part. And every time I think I have had a busy week, I am going to reread this post. Learning to breathe and mastering nursing takes the cake every time! GO OTIS!


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