Lani becomes a “big sister”

We didn’t know if our beagle mutt, Lani, had any idea there was a baby growing inside of me.  Well, it appears she may have had an inkling.  When friends have brought their babies over in the past, Lani has been skittish and even barked at them.  When we brought Otis home, Lani was totally mellow and curious and gentle.  She likes to sniff his little head.  She even slept in our room last night, although she was the only one that actually slept.  Brad and I were laughing because we have a 4 bedroom house, yet Brad, Otis, Lani, and I were all cocooned in one room.  Lani did emit a lone bark around 4am when Otis was screeching, but in all honesty I think we all wanted to bark by that point 🙂  All in all, it’s looking like Lani will be the perfect doggie sister.

4 thoughts on “Lani becomes a “big sister””

  1. Warms my heart!!! Good dog Lani! Lucky Otis to have a wonderful “watchdog”! ( lol the part about wanting to “bark” @ 4:00 a.m.!!!.. and love you’re all nesting in 1 rm!! Classic!)


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