August 16th!

This August is a huge month for Brad and I.  It marks the 10 year anniversary of when we became roommates/met, the 5 year anniversary of our wedding, and the birth of our first child.  Pretty darn momentous, if you ask me!  August 16, 2009 Brad and I got married in Santa Rosa, CA.  All of our amazing family and friends were there and we had the time of our lives.  I did some searching back in old emails to see if I could find out the exact day in August, 2004 that I moved into the house on Trin Street with Brad, Mike, and Cricket as my new roommates.  All I can find is that on August 19th I had finally gotten my internet hooked up.  So . . . I think it is quite plausible that I moved in on August 16th.  How crazy is that?  On August 16, 2004 Brad and I met as roommates in a, lets be honest, “band house,” and 5 years later we got married.  I know, I know- we moved pretty fast 🙂  

I remember my friends calling me when I first moved to DC to ask how I was doing.  I would tell them that so far I hated my job (Washington Ballet started off rough for me), but that my new roommates were pretty cool.  I’d tell them there was one in particular (guess who) that I thought I’d become pretty good friends with.  I loved going to see Brad perform at Politicks shows and remember sitting with him at an Irish Pub discussing artistry, something we were both working on.  I remember getting excited when I’d pull onto Trin Street and see his car there.  And I remember being over the moon when I’d find a new CD that he made me for my commute to work.  He pretty much wooed me with mixed CD’s!


5 years later we put those mixed CD’s to work with some pretty awesome wedding music.  Guests arrived to lovely string quartet covers of songs such as “Toxicity” by System of a Down and “Sex and Candy” by Marcy’s Playground, and I walked down the aisle to a song that Brad had written for me.  The bridesmaids were teary, the groomsmen were well behaved (shockingly), and the toasts were out of this world.  It was a perfect day!

Now 5 years after that (we seem to like 5 year intervals for momentous occasions), we are super excited to start “music education” with our little boy.  He already has a Pandora onesie and one that says “my dad is the bass player.”  And Brad is already dreaming of the day when we find him wailing on the drum set.  What boy can resist banging on things with sticks?  Now he just needs to make his appearance.

The last 10 years have been pretty magical.  Here’s to the next 10!


2 thoughts on “August 16th!”

  1. Happy belated anniversary! We can’t wait for the next little Moore boy to arrive!
    (be strong, Becky, it’s worth the pain ;))
    I like your 5-year rhythm in August! Jamie and I have a similar thing with June 6, the day we met in 2006. We got married on 6/6/09 and are pretty sure that little Xander was “crafted” on 6/6/13. We are not so good with even intervals obviously ;).
    Hugs from NYC!


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